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Located just north of New Orleans is Wild Lotus Farm, a five-acre retreat, production facility and home to filmmaker Katherine Brooks. Having just completed her latest film, LOST IN TIME, her dream of creating a safe place for people to practice healing and wellness is finally realized.

COVID-19 is forcing the world to be kinder. And in many ways offering all of us the opportunity to slow down and take some time to re-connect and reevaluate our lives.

Kat has spent decades fearlessly traveling the world studying first hand healing techniques from Shamanic practices in Costa Rica, to Reiki and Transcendental Meditation while living in India. Through her training with masters and healers, and her own spiritual exploration, Katherine has developed the tools to helping people quickly identify the fears that block their ability to live their true life purpose. 

She practices hypnosis, Reiki and acupuncture as well as equine therapy, using her horses to help identify PTSD and anxiety issues as well as helping dozens of people break addictions.

She is an expert in wilderness survival and attended the Outward Bound School in Colorado. At the age of 17, she walked the Appalachian Trail and was one of the first women to solo canoe the Nantahala rapids. She has hiked the Himalayas, and studied detoxification, fasting and macrobiotics while living on a beach commune in Tulum, Mexico. It was during this time the dream of a wellness center began.


Wild Lotus Farm is now offering Individual 5 day retreats that will be tailored for each guest. You will also have the opportunity to shadow Katherine in her daily life while she completes the documentary that captured the making of LOST IN TIME. Lodging will be provided as well as three meals daily, please advise of any dietary restrictions when booking.


Examples of what a guest can experience during their stay, but are not limited to:






 Mixed media

 Building a sweat lodge




 Shamanic practices

 Survival skills


 Glass Blowing

 Horse Riding


 Hiking - and so much more!


If you are interested, EMAIL us and a representative of Wild Lotus Farm will contact you to discuss in more detail the experience as well as the rate. We will then schedule one (1) thirty minute phone call with Katherine to discuss in detail what you are seeking during your stay with us. Based on this conversation, you will receive an outline of activities that will be included in your upcoming retreat and suggested items to pack to make your stay is as beneficial as possible.

Katherine has suggested that during your stay that you give yourself a break from your smart phone and the internet. This is to allow you the space and time to disconnect from triggers and distractions, and allow the utilization of the organic surroundings to explore yourself and heal from the inside out. 


We at Wild Lotus Farm look forward to serving you, meeting your needs, and exceeding your expectations.

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